During an initial 90 minute assessment session, more information will be gathered about some of the difficulties or concerns you might have. With this understanding, recommendations about useful therapeutic options can be discussed with you.

Family Support

Therapeutic support can be offered on a family basis. All assessments and therapeutic work will include consideration of wider influences including your family as a whole. Family-based therapy can effectively support emotional and behavioural difficulties, family functioning and relationships.


    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy is available for adults with emotional or mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, difficulties with self-harm, anger, difficulties within relationships or high levels of stress.

    Therapeutic approaches will be considered with you in line with your assessment and goals for therapy. Clinical Psychologists are able to take an integrative approach, drawing on different therapeutic approaches to suit you. Therapeutic approaches used include Cognitive Behaviour, Systemic (family), Cognitive Analytic, Attachment and Mentalisation-based approaches. 

    Therapy is also available for a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties seen in children and young people, including generalised anxiety, social phobia, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, difficulties with self-harm and anger problems.



    A rolling programme of workshops are run locally, designed to support understanding and skills in responding to, and managing different emotional challenges. Click here to review upcoming workshops and sign up!

    Alternatively, register your interest by subscribing below and we will send an up to date timetable. 

    Training workshops are also available on request. Peterkin Psychology can deliver workshops to:

    • Workplaces around staff well-being
    • School staff supporting young people with mental health and social difficulties
    • Parents supporting their children with emotional and behavioural difficulties
    • Individuals wanting to develop their understanding and skills in managing their own well-being

    Should you be interested, please express your interest and an individualised workshop can be designed to suit your needs. Example workshops include:-         

    • Challenging Worry and Anxiety Day to Day
    • Managing Stress in a Stress-Inducing World
    • Parenting tricky teens
    • Developing emotional resilience in children and teenagers


    To find out more about our services, please get in touch.