Your first meeting will be a 90 minute assessment appointment in which we will talk through some of the difficulties or concerns you might have. You will be asked questions in order to gain a better sense of your experiences. These will include questions around your day to day life, the impact of any difficulties you are experiencing and how you are currently managing. It would be helpful to explore significant experiences and key relationships in your life.

For children or teenagers, it is most helpful to meet jointly initially to get a sense of everyone’s perspective. For parents, you will be asked some questions around your child’s early development and experiences. It is helpful to understand how things in your family work day to day. If your child is willing, it is then helpful to spend some time alone to further explore their difficulties and experiences.

You may also be asked to complete some screening questionnaires to inform the assessment process. By the end of the session, a developing psychological understanding will be shared with you. At this point, we can think together about a treatment plan, if necessary. Following the assessment, an assessment report will be written up for you. It is often helpful to share this with your GP.

Future sessions can be negotiated with your psychologist but would typically be held on a weekly basis. Dependent on your goals, the number of recommended sessions may vary considerably but will be discussed with you and reviewed on a regular basis. Most people find an average of 6 sessions very helpful.

Throughout, you can expect:

  • A warm and friendly reception
  • Confidential and discreet support
  • Transparent communication and collaborative reviews
  • Professional conduct in line with HCPC regulations


To book an appointment or to find out more, please get in touch