New Workshop: Developing Emotional Resilience in Children and Teenagers

26th April at St Andrews Hall, Chesterton, 6.30-9.00pm

Do you have children or teenagers, or work closely with them? Particularly if your child shows some signs of struggling with worry, low self-esteem, poor confidence or stress, this workshop can help you. This workshop will help you feel confident in supporting them to be as resilient as they can be for managing the stress and strain of growing up today. It will provide you with proactive ideas for responding to your child in a way that builds up their emotional language and healthy ways of coping.

Children and teenagers increasingly have to manage high levels of stress and demands at a young age; from school work and peer groups, to social media and premature pressure to grow up. So how can we ensure that young people are equipped to recognise, express and manage all of the emotions they will inevitably experience? This workshop includes teaching, discussion topics and space for reflection on supporting children and teenagers to develop the skills they need to be emotionally resilient. It also includes information on signs and symptoms of poor emotional well-being and mental health vulnerabilities so you know what to look out for and how to help.

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