New Workshop: Minimising Stress in a Stress-Inducing World

31st May at St Andrews Hall, Chesterton, 6.30-9.00pm

Life today is stressful. Whether it’s working life, studying, balancing family with your career, or managing difficult life events, many of us experience stress in some form day to day. We need to develop a good level of resilience to tolerate high demands and highly charged emotions with limited time for reflection or respite. We are increasingly told about the negative impact stress can have on our physical health and well-being. And yet we also know that some level of stress is inevitable and unavoidable. So how can we realistically reduce stress and cope with the inevitable level of daily stress in the most helpful way?

This workshop, run by an experienced clinical psychologist, provides teaching as well as space for discussion and reflection. It offers some key ideas to think about and work on, from challenging some of the traps we fall into, to managing the way we think about demands and expectations. There will be space to share ideas and think through healthy and realistic ways of trying to cope with stress. Whether it’s for you, or for you to be in a better position to support someone else, this is a worthwhile investment.

Visit for further information or to book your place. Do it soon to secure the early bird rate!