Workshop: Making Sense of Self-Harm in Children and Teenagers

27th September at St Andrews Hall, Chesterton, 6.30-9.00pm

Self-harm amongst children and teenagers is increasing in both frequency and severity. It is now commonly seen in schools across broader age ranges and peer groups. The connotations around self-harm have changed in recent years with the function and expression of feeling behind self-harm varying a great deal. As a result, it can be so hard to make sense of the experience your child or teenager is going through. It can be a way of coping with overwhelming feelings; it can be a way of eliciting help from others or it can be a way of punishing or doing serious harm to themselves. For many, the self-harm itself is simply an outward expression of some other internal distress or psychological difficulty. So how can we know what is going on for young people and more importantly, how can we respond in a helpful and supportive way, while ensuring we keep them as safe as possible?

This workshop, run by an experienced clinical psychologist, provides teaching as well as space for discussion and reflection. It offers the chance to develop your understanding as well as your skill and confidence in responding to self-harm in a helpful way. This workshop will be useful to parents or anyone who works closely with children or teenagers.

Visit for further information or to book your place. Individual support is also available.